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Thursday, April 5, 2012

AT&T Digital Life, a Platform for Remote Home Security

People in the Dallas metro can simply press a key on their smartphone or tap the screen of their tablet to conserve energy, check on the well-being of their loved ones or maximize their Dallas home security. A new platform, which was released by AT&T, has recently made it possible for home automation and home security service providers to offer these types of monitoring services. The newly published home automation solution is targeted in both Dallas home security and the whole US and the international market as well.

In early 2012, AT&T Digital Life was published as an IP-based remote home monitoring and automation platform to offer Dallas security service companies and companies around the globe with the capacities to provide their consumers home security services in a custom-built and web-based method. Controlled by a web-based user interface, this new platform will enable vendors to provide their clients with home alarm monitoring equipments like wire-free detectors and cameras with wire-free communication features that can communicate with a monitoring center in the house. The Digital Life platform features licensed software development kits, technical and integration support, hardware certification and application hosting. Providing a custom-built experience, the platform will enable vendors to create a typical illustrative user interface and expand branding to equipments. Vendors are allowed to customize the solutions for fixed market and applications, i.e. consumer products, security, healthcare, etc., dependent upon their own requirements and business types.

Digital Life is based on technology from Xanboo which was founded in 1999 as one of the original cloud-based home alarm monitoring businesses and was later bought up by AT&T in 2010. In 2006, AT&T had provided its Dallas clients with a Xanboo-powered program which was short-lived. Recently, AT&T demonstrated its Digital Life platform capacities at the GSMA Connected House at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from Feb 27 to Mar 1, 2012. AT&T Digital Life offers lower entry costs into a market to Dallas and international home alarm monitoring vendors. This low cost can probably produce new return streams and reduce churn for the providers. Home security service providers can build their own interfaces and applications with a software developer¡¯s kit (SDK) that includes monitoring cameras and security detectors at the price of $9.95/month. This platform is similar to Motorola Mobility¡¯s 4 Home, currently utilized by Verizon, AT&T telecom rival that had started to offer its Home Monitoring & Control solution based upon Motorola 4 Home at the price of $ 9.99/month in the year of 2011.

According to CE Pro, Kevin Peterson, senior vice president, Digital Life for AT&T Mobility, this new business is focused on international markets, not the US. This means that homeowners in Dallas cannot benefit from the Digital Life platform for the time being. Nevertheless, other folks at AT&T still held the opinion that besides the international markets outside of America, the Digital Life platform will be also available for Dallas security service vendors and vendors all around United States. Despite of the countries or areas that can be counted into this new platform, we are thrilled to see that home automation and security industry has obtained an immense success.